Creating Publicly Accessible Online Records in Archon

 Note: If series has both non-AV and AV e-records, you must follow procedure both AV and non-AV procedures. 

  1. Create a folder in the Archivesweb server under \e-records\University Archives (or corresponding ALA folder) for the series, using the “1306023” format, and copy the records you want publicly available from the corresponding Libsysdigi Electronic Records Repository folder.
  2. To create a php document, copy a php file from another online folder (such as the php file found in 1505050) into the newly created folder and modify the Title and Page Description to reflect your series information.

 Archon Entry

Under the previously created control card entry in the Collection Manager:

  1. In the “Location(s)” tab on a new line, type “e-records” into Content, and select DIG: Libsysdigi Electronic Records Repository for the Location.  Under Extent, add the number of megabytes.
  2. In Archon under the Admin Menu, Digital Library Tab, select “Digital Library Manager.”  Create a new record with the following:

General Tab

  • Title: “Electronic Records of ___Title___ (Online)” to indicate born-digital records or “Digital Surrogates of ___Title___ (Online)” to indicate digitized records
  • Identifier: input record series number-online (example: 1505050-online)
  • Content URL:  input location of folder (http:/ and keep URL link checked
  • Collection:  search options to find associated Series
  • Input all other information as needed.

Detailed Description

  • Physical Description: input: “Additional materials, described at (input link to the nearline record) are available upon request.”
  • Rights Statement: choose appropriate copyright statement.
  • Input all other information as needed.