Provide Access

Once a preservation copy is created, the information must be added into Archon and made available to the public. If you have initial questions or concerns about copyright, please read the Copyright Guidelines.

NOTE: All Archon digital library entries must have a unique identifier, located under the General tab.

  • online entries: record series number-online (example: 1505050-online)
  • nearline entries: record series number-nearline (example: 1505050-nearline)
  • online audio-visual entries: record series number-avonline (example: 1505050-avonline)
  • nearline audio-visual entries: record series number-avnearline (example: 1505050-avnearline)

Though rare, if the record series has multiple digital control cards for the same type of entry, the identifier must reflect this with an additional number at the end (example: 1505050-online-1, 1505050-online-2, and 1505050-online-3).

Creating Nearline Records in Archon

Records available to patrons upon request. A new record series folder should exist in \\\UniversityArchives\archives\xxxxxxx\Processed with a “nearline” child folder. In the case of simple record sets, the nearline copy will be a copy of the preservation copy.All images must be converted to embossed JPEGs. Instructions are located under the Processing Multimedia tab. If necessary, remove materials that need restrictions from the nearline copy. Consult with archival staff regarding any additional processing or preservation actions you wish to take on the nearline copy.

The nearline folder must now be compressed using 7-Zip. Once the compressed nearline folder exists the original nearline folder can be deleted by an administrator.

Creating Publicly Accessible Online Records in Archon

This process applies to all publicly accessible non-AV electronic records. Make sure that all images are converted to embossed JPEGs before being placed online.  A new record series folder should exist in \\\UniversityArchives\archives\xxxxxxx\Processed along with an “online” child folder.

Optional: If the sub-folders are complicated enough to require additional descriptive information, create additional descriptive information in Archon, link them to the sub-folders, and make additional files in the sub-folders.

Creating Online and Nearline Audio-Visual Access

All AV material must be processed in this manner. Media does not need to be copied into the nearline or online folder. A preservation copy and the copy stored by Ensemble Video is sufficient.

Note: Some series may have both online and nearline records in Archon.