Extracting DVDs Using Handbrake

    1. Open Handbrake. Load DVD into DVD-R/W drive.
    2. Under “Source,” select the appropriate drive.
    3. If more than one file needs copied from the same DVD, under the Source Title arrow, select the next file and click the “Add to Queue” tab.  Continue this process until all files are selected and in the queue.
    4. Select the Destination by clicking “Browse” and entering the end file location.  Put it on your desktop for copying to storage later.
    5. Under “Video,” set the following:
      • Container = MP4 file
      • Video Codec = H.264
      • Framerate = Same as Source
      • Constant Quality = RF:20 for a standard DVD and  RF:21 for a BluRay disk.
    6. Under Audio set the following:
      • Codec = AAC (Core Audio)
      • Sample Rate = Auto
      • Bitrate = 128
      • Select Start.
    7. After Handbrake completes the process, verify the files were converted correctly by viewing them in VLC.  If you notice any problems, consult with professional staff and adjust advanced settings.  Try to rip the DVD again.
    8. If you have not already done so, label files in the “Disk#_Title_Date” format.
    9. Copy files to the previously created folder in the Electronic Records Repository.