Image and Document Scans

To provide the highest quality image services possible, please use the following guidelines.

Details steps to manage the order folder of scans, including the initial creation of the order, posting the order to the website, maintaining the temporary website and the order folder, and dealing with old order inventories.

Includes information on the procedures for creating a digital image from a print using the EpsonScan software; information about using Photoshop to create images for researcher scanning orders and doing batch conversion of images for posting to the Archives website; information about creating an Archon Digital Library File, uploading low-resolution, watermarked images to Archon and associating them with files, and properly attributing accurate metadata to images.

Includes information on the procedures for creating a digital document from a print using the EpsonScan software and uploading the document into Archon.

Note: the scanned documents folder can be used as a storage location for frequently requested documents, even if they do not merit an Archon upload.

Instructions for embedding a credit line in an image using Adobe Photoshop for use in a film, video documentary, web presentation or other broadcast.

Instructions on how to stitch toether parts of images to create one image using Adobe Photoshop.

Instructions on how to send oversize images, maps, and other documents to the University Library’s Digital Content Creation unit for duplication.