Creating Box Labels

  • Go to G:\Archives\Ahxasst\Formats\Labels\ and open the UA label form or ALA labels, as appropriate.
  • Each label on the form has three cells that can be modified by users.  Use the largest cell to enter Record Group, Sub-Group, Series title, and box title information as shown below.  This information will display differently depending on which printer you are using.  Text entered below the 10th line of this cell may not appear on the printed label.  Italics and underline can be used for publication titles; otherwise, please do not change the font type, size, or attributes.  Enter the Record Series number and box number in the corresponding cells.

  • Enter text for as many labels as you need, up to six.  There is no need to erase or delete unused labels if you need less than six.  If the next available sheet of label stock is partially used, you need to limit your first page of labels to the number and exact placement of the remaining labels on the sheet.  Do not plan to print more than one sheet of label stock at a time.
  • Load a blank label sheet into the printer.  Use only Avery Label 5164 (3 1/3″ x 4″ mailing labels) and only print to one sheet at time.  Dell 1710n (workstations, Rm 19): Insert labels into the bypass slot in front,   face up and top in.  HP network printers: Insert labels face up and top in into the bypass tray (#1).
  • From the File Menu, select Print.  In the print window, be sure that the correct printer is selected.  Select Properties and be sure the Paper Source is set to Bypass Tray or Manual Feed or something similar.  WordPerfect will treat each label as if it were its own page; if printing less than six labels, use the Pages field under Print Range to specify which labels to print, e.g. “1-4″, “3, 5, 6″

  • Inspect labels before affixing them to the box.  Labels are self-adhesive; do not employ a water wheel, sponge, or your tongue at any point.