Submission FAQs


Current students, alumni, faculty and staff  are welcome to contribute.


These are just suggestions. If you want to submit something different from the contents of these lists, please contact us first.

Topics may include:

  • Specific memories of campus or people
  • Overall impressions
  • Reactions to events
  • Unique experiences

A list of suggested questions is available here.  Acceptable submission formats include videos, audio clips, photographs, and prose narratives.


From the founding of the University in 1867 to the present day.

These materials will be made available on this website for researchers to use. Many people use the archives, so please do not submit anything you want to keep private.

The history of the University of Illinois is your history.   Your experiences on campus are as much a part of the legacy of the University of Illinois as any official business included in the minutes of the Board of Trustees. By submitting your memories for inclusion in the archives, you are making them available for students and researchers in the future and helping us form a more complete record of what life was like for the entire campus community.

Instructions for submission are available here.